Segregated Funds


Safety of the funds that you earn from online trading is an aspect that clients have to look at when trading. HighFxMarkets has existed in this company for long and has come up with the best ways of protecting the money that belongs to the clients. Any clients who trade using the platform can be sure that he or she will be able to withdraw the money easily. HighFxMarkets has become partners with one of the most trusted banks in the world that also takes part in transferring money by suing online platforms.

The money is transferred to the account in the bank which can later be transferred into Barclays bank account. Barclays bank is chosen because it is an international bank that is also trusted and available in most of the countries. The advantage of trading through this site is that your balance can never be negative. This means that you are always safe from any debts that can accumulate and make you not to enjoy the trading process.