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Best Payouts

No other major Forex company in the industry pays that much per trade to its Introducing Brokers that we, at HighFxMarkets.

Reliable monthly payments

For the vast majority of its trading turnover, HighFxMarkets depends on IBs. Our considerable administrative recourses are dedicated to you, so you are paid on time and in full.

Unique Features

  • Copykat Trader
  • Guardian Angel
  • Webinars in YOUR Language

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Introducing Brokers

HighFxMarkets provides genuine value to IB’s by taking a unique approach to your business. With full marketing and business support, together, we will take your business to the next level


Our affiliate program is ideal for sending online traffic so you can expand your earning potential with a dedicated account manager and all the media tools you could want.

Money Managers

Using CM Trading’s money management tools, Money and Fund Managers plus EA Developers can offer their services.